Traditional Service for 6th December 2020

St Andrew’s and All Saints Online:

A complete Traditional Service including Holy Communion.
The Service is led by Rev Dave Bruce with Heather Williamson preaching.
Reading Isaiah 7: 3-17. You can download a PDF text of Heather’s sermon above.
Advent 2 – Faith in the midst of crisis.
This is actually a recording of the noon service held on Thursday 3rd December 2020.
We hope you enjoy watching or listening to the service.

Coffee & Chat after the service

We’d love you to join us for ‘Coffee and Chat’ on Zoom after the service at about 11:00 for All Saints and about 11:45 for St Andrew’s. Details of the chat calls are on our weekly mailing, or email for further details.

If you are a visitor and would like to find out more about St Andrew’s & All Saints…

We’d like to connect up with you and meet you. Do drop Dave our Rector an email at and introduce yourself to us.