We are pleased to offer several ways to give to All Saints:

  • A simple one off online giving option using the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) system.
  • Using the PGS for regular donations. If you don’t know what this is, see below.  There is also a PDF document that you can download by clicking on  “Ways you can set up Regular Giving with PGS
  • As well as the normal routes through our bank accounts and similar (for details please click here.)

Giving to All Saints

We are pleased to offer a simple way to give to All Saints – using the Parish Giving Scheme (a recommended supplier for the Church of England).

It is very simple to use and is fully secure. Just click on this link or QR code (or the Click Here button alongside) and you will be taken to our campaign on the Parish Giving Scheme website. You will have the option of making both regular payments and one-off payments. It will also give you the chance to Gift Aid your payment if you wish and are able.
There is a small charge we have to pay from your donation for processing this but it is only a small % – however there is NO CHARGE TO YOU for using this service. You will only be charged the sum you have entered.

If you wish to commit to a regular gift we would also encourage you to use the Parish Giving Scheme.  You can sign up to it online or by phone or by completing a form, details can be found on the PGS landing page for All Saints using the QR code or link as above.  You can still use a bank standing order if you prefer and, if possible, Gift Aid it – please contact our Treasurer (see below).

We are hugely grateful for any financial support you are able to offer All Saints at this time – but very much understand if your financial position means you can’t contribute to our costs. You are just as welcome a member of our community either way!

If you have any questions or concerns about this or any other approach to giving to All Saints, or indeed any other finance issues related to All Saints, please do contact Paul Southern, our Treasurer, on treasurer@allsaintsmalvern.co.uk.

The Parish Giving Scheme

What is it?  The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) is a method of giving that aims to encourage generosity, efficiency and regularity in giving; helping the Kingdom of God to grow through the flourishing of properly resourced local churches, giving donors confidence that their money is being used well and helping PCCs to budget effectively. The PGS is now used by over half the dioceses of the Church of England to handle the regular bank giving of church members. The scheme offers donors a highly efficient, friendly service and ensures that their chosen church not only promptly receives the whole of their donation but also the gift aid on their gift.

How does it differ from giving by standing order?  In the PGS, your regular donations will be made by Direct Debit to the PGS rather than by Standing Order to your church’s bank account.  The PGS then pays your donation to your chosen church along with the Gift Aid on that donation.  You will also have the option to include an automatic annual increase of your donation in line with inflation if you wish.

Why are we using it?  Firstly, it will improve the church’s cashflow as we will receive a steady income from Gift Aid throughout the year.  Secondly, it will reduce the burden on treasurers and Gift Aid secretaries as the tax claim will be handled by the PGS.  Thirdly, by increasing donations in line with inflation, it avoids the issue of ‘static’ giving and provides a more stable income.

If you want to find out more about the PGS, please visit their website at  https://www.parishgiving.org.uk/home .