We do our best in the Chase Team to  welcome people, care for people and help people to belong.

There is a great welcome team at each of the Churches who are ready to help any newcomers find out about the church and settle in. Every so often we have a ‘Welcome Meal’ where we invite new people to come along, have some food, get to know other new folk and old stagers, and hear a short presentation about the church.


Shared lunch at St Andrew’s

Shared lunches 

We hold regular shared lunch after services, see our calendar for dates and times. These lunches are ‘bring and share’ and people are encouraged to bring a main course or a pudding to share (if they are able) and there is always enough food to go round. They are great opportunities to get to know people of all ages.



The Friday morning Life Group

Pastoral Care

Much of pastoral care takes place within Life Groups which is why we encourage everyone to be connected to a Life Group. In addition there are many people in the church who care for others and can help out when people are needing support.



Social Events

We try to organise different social events throughout the year so that people can get to know each other better. These vary from the harvest barn dance, to walks and picnics in the hills.



Electoral Roll

A way of showing you are committed and a member of our churches is by joining the Electoral Roll, which allows you to vote at our APCMs. If you would like to join the electoral roll then please download a form here: Application-for-Enrolment-Electoral-Roll and return it to the church office.