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We are committed as a church to help people grow as disciples of Jesus. But what is a disciple?

The definition that we have been using is

The Discipleship Journey

Discipleship is a journey and we are all on that journey. Life as a disciple is often not easy and we can be knocked off track by life’s pressures and challenges. We can sometimes get ‘stuck’ or feel we are ‘moving backwards’ on our journeys. But wherever we are, we are invited, by God’s grace, to take the next step towards following Jesus more closely. This is not to be done on our own, but in community with other believers who can encourage us, pray for us, support us and spur us on.

We’ve created our own special ‘Discipleship Journey’ at St Andrew’s & All Saints to help people identify where they are on that journey and what ‘next steps’ they could take to help them grow. You can download a copy of our ‘Discipleship Journey” here: Discipleship Journey St Andrew’s & All Saints

‘Discipleship MOT’ and ‘Discipleship 1-2-1’

We’ve also produced a ‘Discipleship MOT’ to help each one of us reflect on where we are in our journey: 2023 Discipleship MOT

We are inviting people to use this ‘Discipleship MOT’ to reflect on where they are on their journey and then to follow it up by meeting one of the ‘reflectors’ we have trained up to prayerfully reflect together on what God has revealed in a ‘Discipleship 1-2-1’. If you would like a ‘discipleship 1-2-1’ then please email rector@standrewsandallsaints.uk


Further resources to help us grow as disciples in each of the 3 areas of our discipleship definition are here:

UP: BEING WITH Jesus – learning to know him and walk with him in the whole of life:

This is particularly about developing ‘holy habits’ or prayer, worship, Bible Reading and openness to the Holy Spirit. Some resources you might find useful:

               Reflecting on Scripture & selected readings

               Be Still Exercise Tyler Staton             

               St Andrew’s & All Saints Prayer and Pray for 5 card

Bible Apps and i-Bible resources

Encountering God in the Scriptures 30 suggested readings

Imaginative Prayer

               A variety of Bible Reading plans (with videos) from the Bible Project

     30 Days of Bible readings for New Christians

              Rhythm of Daily Prayer With Cycle of Daily Readings

Where to look in the Bible when…

      A prayer booklet for use during the coronavirus pandemic

If you want to explore more about prayer Justin Welby’s exploring prayer videos are great. To view them click here

IN: BECOMING more like Jesus – seeing to become more Christlike in our character

We are particularly called to allow God to transform us to become more like Jesus (2 Corinthians 3:18, Philippians 2:1-5) in our character.

          Lent fasting and review your day card         

          Reviewing your day & ‘shuttering excercise’

        Help for those struggling with pornography

        21 days to breakthrough – being transformed

What does God think of me

OUT: LIVING like Jesus would in our context, on our ‘frontline’

We use the term ‘frontline’ to describe the places where we find ourselves in the week. The places where God has called us to be; the places that God wants to use us. This video explains it well:   Frontline Video: Meet Anne

We seek to ‘live as Jesus would if he were us’, in these places and have particularly found the 6M’s (from the LICC) helpful in knowing what it means to ‘proclaim and demonstrate God’s Kingdom’ on our frontlines.

Simple ways to be missional

Finding my Frontline

       Bethinking.com a good website on answering difficult questions that your friends might ask you