Megan’s Kitchen

Megan’s Kitchen

Paul Southern’s update at the APCM on Megan’s Kitchen can be seen here.

All Saint’s church has a tiny kitchenette and a single toilet and these are quite limiting in how we are able to use the building to serve our community.  In particular, some of the ideas we have had for attracting young families or providing social events for the more senior members of our community have foundered due to the poor facilities at the church.  We believe All Saints could offer so much more to the local community and help build Gods’s Kingdom if we could make just modest improvements to the kitchen and toilet facilities.

When our dearly beloved Megan Oliver passed away (aged 104 1/2), she left a legacy to the church and we felt it was important that the money was spent on something by which Megan would be remembered.  Megan had a huge heart for families and children so the idea of Megan’s Kitchen was born.

So far, we have arrived at a preferred layout and had an initial consultation with the Diocesan authorities to seek their buy in.  There has also been much prayer in discerning God’s will for this project.

The design is shown below in schematic form and includes:-

  • A new kitchen in the North-West corner of the church with oven, hob, extractor hood, refrigerator, commercial dishwasher and storage cupboards;
  • Plenty of kitchen worktop space including an area for serving drinks and food;
  • A vinyl floor in the kitchen;
  • A second toilet where the current kitchenette is located
  • A new cupboard on the North wall for storing chairs etc

Our existing rolling cupboards can be used to provide additional surfaces and to ‘block’ in the kitchen area when not in use.

We also plan to move the font to the front of the church and relocate the sound desk to the back of the church.  This will open up the entrance to the church.  The plans also include the fitting of glazed doors in the archway between the church and the toilets.

We are now at the stage of needing to raise the finance to pay for the modifications to the church.  We have already received donations of more than £25k, including Megan’s legacy, and are now seeking a further £55k which we believe will be required to complete the work.

Would you like to give towards Megan’s Kitchen?

If you would like to give a one off gift to ‘Megans’ Kitchen’ then please do so by bank transfer to ‘Malvern Wyche & Wells PCC’ or by an online gift – click here for more details – or see the ‘Kingdom Giving Month’ information here.