From January through April 2017, both churches undertook a series of sermons called Growing Deeper: The Rhythms of Grace.

In many ways the five Rhythms of Grace highlight our vision and ethos as a church – describing what we are seeking to become as we seek to grow as ‘whole life-life long disciples.’

This page has been put together to summarise this series of sermons and the companion work undertaken in Life Groups. We hope you find it useful.

The Rhythms of Grace Small Group Material can be downloaded here: Rhythms of grace small group sessions

Extra resources whihc link in with each rhythm can be found here

We have used the recordings of the sermons from St Andrew’s in the following table.  The columns are as follows:

  • The title of the sermon (and date)
  • Audio (MP3) file is a good quality audio recording of the sermon as originally loaded on the former St Andrew’s website.
  • Video (MP4) file is a video recording of the sermon. These may be either high quality videos taken with a camcorder or poor quality ones taken using the remote camera used to relay the service into the creche.
  • PDF slides file is an Adobe PDF handout of the sermon slides as originally loaded on the former St Andrew’s website

Just click on the file you want (if shown as a link) and it will open in a new tab for you.

TopicMP3 AudioMP4 VideoPDF Slides
Learning the Rhythms of Grace (8 Jan 17)AudioVideoSlides
Called to be a Disciple (AAW 15 Jan 17)AudioVideoSlides
1a: Encountering God through the Bible (22 Jan 17)
1b: Encountering God in Prayer and Worship (29 Jan 17)AudioPart 1 & Part 2None Used
2a: Open to the Spirit's Presence and Power (5 Feb 17)Audio
VideoNone Used
2b: Open to the Spirit's gifts and guidance (12 Feb 17)AudioVideoSlides
3b: Growing God's Fruit (AAW 19 Feb 17)NoneVideoNone Used
3a: Transformed to be like Christ (26 Feb 17)AudioVideoSlides
4a: Being a gracious presence on our Frontlines (5 Mar 17)AudioVideoSlides
4b: Generous Giving (12 Mar 17)AudioVideoSlides
5a: Sharing our Faith (AAW 19 Mar 17)AudioVideoSlides
5b: Joining in with God's mission (2 Apr 17)AudioVideoSlides