Christian Prayer Ministry Course

Christian Prayer Ministries (CPM) offers one of the ministries of the Holy Spirit to the whole person, helping us to unburden ourselves of the load we are carrying and experience God’s love in every area of our lives. It is a gentle, balanced, scriptural, and powerful ministry. It enables Christians to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus and with others, and to become more effective in their Christian life and ministry. Please remember that this is a ministry for you to receive healing for yourself, and not teaching you how to pray for others.

The first two evenings are a teaching and preparation time for ministry and talks will focus on releasing individuals into a fuller relationship with Jesus. The teaching enables us to have a fresh revelation of our security in Christ, and to recognise areas of pain and hurt still locked in memories from the past. It helps identify areas of our lives where we are living in unhelpful habit patterns. Teaching will also highlight where we react in sinful ways and where the enemy may have a hold.

If you decide the ministry is right for you, one session on the Saturday – either am or pm – will be an opportunity for you to receive your own in-depth prayer ministry appointment.  Two CPM prayer ministers will listen to your story then pray for you. You will also be encouraged to pray during your appointment, with support if you need it. For the other session, we invite your support to pray for other guests on the course with the help and leadership of a prayer support group.

“Walking out your healing” shares practical ways of walking with Jesus in intimacy, faith, and obedience as you incorporate your healing into everyday life; in other words, how to hold on to the benefits of the ministry you have received. Throughout the course you will be encouraged to listen to the Lord as He reveals areas of your life that need His loving touch. No-one is asked to share anything against their will, and everything is done in dependence on the Holy Spirit, and totally covered by prayer

Ministry on Zoom

The ID and Password will be sent to you following your application, registration and receipt of course fee (see details below)



Teaching and Preparation time:

Wednesdays 3rd & 10th November from 8.00pm – 9.15pm

Prayer Ministry time:

You will be allocated either a morning or afternoon appointment, with a break for refreshments on

Saturday 20th November:

either 10:00am – 12:00pm or 2:00pm – 4:00pm


Wednesday 24th November 8.00pm – 9.15pm


The fee for the course is £15 per person, payable by cheque or BACS, and covers admin. costs and course expenses for the teaching and preparation sessions. There is no additional fee for booking a prayer ministry appointment.  You may request an appointment when you apply to join the course. Later bookings for an appointment are possible following any one of the teaching sessions but must be made by Friday 12th November at the very latest for appointments on November 20th.

To apply or enquire please contact  Mike Higley

by email:

There are limited places available, so please apply early.  The deadline for applications for the course is Friday 22nd October.

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CPM is Registered Charity Number 1090856